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Our job is to get the best conditions for you at the negotiating table
We work only with trusted developers with an impeccable reputation
Always an individual approach to solving your problems
Two corners of heaven on earth
Without undue modesty. Incredibly beautiful nature and worthy resort service.
Two growing directions
Yes, yes, exactly growing ones. And very promising in terms of tourism. Especially in light of recent events.
High rental price
Plus wild occupancy rates, low maintenance costs and taxes = paradise for an investor.
Why here?

We offer reliable investments
in liquid real estate in Phuket and Bali

Check out the TOP 3 objects
that we recommend here
Check out the TOP 3 objects
that we recommend here
over the year, the cost of 1 m² increased by 9%
Price growth dynamics
The cost will continue to grow, because there will be no more land on the islands, and the most promising areas have already been built up near the sea by 70-90%
over the year, the cost of 1 m² increased by 12,5%
As an example, the cost for an apartment with an area of ~ 30-35 m² 600 m from the sea is taken. The cost of the villa will vary significantly
+ 9%
+ 12,5%
3,7К USD per 1 м²
(from 110K USD per apartment)
4К USD per 1 м²
(from 120K USD per apartment)
4К USD per 1 м²
(from 120K USD per apartment)
4,5К USD per 1 м²
(from 135K USD per apartment)

Ways and amount of earnings on resort real estate

Rental income
Rising cost   м²
As evidence, upon your request, we can provide data on rental prices and price lists of the cost of objects.
The increase from the excavation to readiness (in 1.5 - 2 years)
+ 35-40%
Annual natural increase in value
+ 6-7%
+ 10-12%
+ 35-45%
+ 3-5%
+ 4-6%
Check out our catalog “Best options for investing in Phuket real estate 2023-2024”
Check out our catalog “Best Options for Investing in Bali Real Estate 2023-2024”

Real estate —reliable investment
instrument, as opposed to shares...

Conservative investment
It won’t bring you “X” and worse liquidity
Real estate —reliable investment
instrument, as opposed to shares...
Brings stable income
And is perfect for your briefcase as a fireproof bag
Tangible asset
It will not depreciate to zero, like the Luna coin in 2022
About our company

My name is Alexander Patrakhin, I am the founder and owner of the expert investment real estate bureau Easy Invest Estatement.

For more than 7 years, I have been helping people acquire liquid investment real estate in Phuket and Bali and earn on it.
It’s simple. For me.
Therefore, I can explain complex things in simple language using clear examples.

And one more thing. if the idea is high-risk or unpromising, I will say so directly. And I won’t get involved. This is my principle!
I share my experience and outlook on the world of investments on Youtube, in my expert blog. Join us!

Easy Invest Estate  is a company officially registered in Thailand and Indonesia and operates absolutely legally.

We know that a large number of complex actions, unclear documents and terms are not at all what you want to see when investing your capital in real estate.
EIE — simple, transparent and comfortable
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