Phuket background information

On this page you will find the applications we use most often, hospital contacts, how to rent a bike or return a stolen card

For a more comfortable stay, we recommend that you download and install the following applications on your phone:
Useful applications
Food delivery
Local aliexpress
Theft or blocking of a bank card
If your bank card is lost, stolen or blocked, it is better to contact your issuing bank directly to immediately block any transactions. Thai 24/7 phone numbers to block lost or stolen cards are listed below:
Mastercard Center
Visa Center

Rent bikes, cars and excursions

You can contact us regarding questions about renting bikes, cars and excursions. We will be happy to share contacts of trusted companies.

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We hope you enjoy this amazing country. We will be waiting for you again! And if you want not only to save, but to make money while on vacation, we can discuss this.
For example, the owner of a 1-bedroom apartment in Skypark earns from 16K USD in rent absolutely passively per year, while he has an installment plan for 5 years, which allows him to recoup the costs of paying for the apartment and rest in   yourself or relatives.

Phuket and Bali Investment Property Agency

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