The main risks when buying real estate in Phuket or Bali are exactly the same as in the Russian Federation. No more and no less.

The developer will cheat, but the house will not be built

Yes, there is such a risk. But only if you sign up for a dubious property with an unverified developer. If the contract is concluded with a reliable and experienced developer, then there is a 99.9% probability that everything will be fine.

How to minimize this risk?

1. Choose a reliable developer. We help do this.
2. Conduct a legal check of the developer proposed by us - check the land for the developer, permits, experience and duration of the company (the service can be ordered).

The king will take everything away, the tsunami will wash it away, entry will be banned and tourists will stop coming

The Kingdom of Thailand  is a parliamentary monarchy. And the king doesn make real decisions. In addition, there is the Condominium Law of 1979, which protects the interests of foreign owners.

Yes and in general, why does the king need this in the 21st century? Thailand is extremely interested in developing a tourism destination and attracting foreign investment. Will he begin to cut down the branch he’s sitting on? We doubt it very much.

The management company will deceive you when renting out and there will be no promised income

If the management company wants to deceive, then… it will do so. Even despite the existence of an agreement and control tools.

Therefore, we minimize the likelihood of cooperation with similar unscrupulous  management companies and select proven and large companies.
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