Seven principles of EIE

A complex approach
We are not just realtors. Experience and knowledge allow us to give a comprehensive assessment with “entry into adjacent territories” —the stock market, crypto, other countries. And we do this regularly.


We don’t tailor the solution to the answer
If what the client wants is unrealistic, or has a high degree of risk, or makes no sense, then we will say so.

We don’t chase sale at any cost
Yes, we are interested in you purchasing investment real estate but in a reliable project and liquidity. If the project is a failure, we will easily advise you to invest money in a bank.


Full service company
We will support the purchase, rental, sale and purchase again. And so as many times as you need. We complete each stage at a professional level.


Let’s lead hand in hand
We tell, show, give information for making a decision, and don't try to «sniff».

Win | Win
This is one of the most important principles of our activities. By helping clients increase their capital, we grow ourselves financially, reputationally, and expertly.
Therefore, we are interested in such a strategy.


Let's not disappear. Never
We do do not refuse a customer or remove their phone number after we have received rewards. You can always contact us and solve your question.

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